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EVO Pest Control Sydney: a commercial Pest Control operator with services of control for commercial pests in sydney, general commercial control of pest and termite management in commercial and residential premises in sydney.

Whether you’re a landlord or reside in a rental property, pest control for residential rental properties can be a grey area. Whilst some leases may cover rental pest control, many do not, and finding the right advice on how to deal with pests in tenanted premises can be difficult.

So, when it comes to pest control for residential rental properties, who exactly is responsible?

Tenant pest control responsibilities

Tenants are usually responsible for the eradication of pests if the infestation occurs after they have begun occupation of the premises, or if any activity carried out by the tenant has attracted or caused pest infestation.

As an example, if you move into a rental property and leave food scraps out, do not store pantry items or foodstuffs adequately and an infestation of mice, rats or cockroaches occurs, then it will generally be your own responsibly to pay for the pest control service.

Landlord pest control responsibilities

If there is a pest infestation at your premises which the tenant believes to be the landlords’ responsibility, the tenant may not be held responsible only if they can demonstrate that the landlord is in breach of the tenancy agreement (for example, by not offering the property in a clean and safe condition at the start of the tenancy) and that this breach has caused the infestation.

Exactly who is responsible for pest control in rental properties also depends on the type, duration, cause and location of the pest problem.

The following is a general guide as to who should bear the cost of dealing with a pest control problem in rented premises. However, it should be noted in all cases that responsibility depends on the individual situation, the history of the property, and what has been recorded on the condition report.

Pests and vermin at a rental property – who is responsible for what?


The landlord is responsible if ants are present at the start of the tenancy, and the tenant is responsible if an ant infestation occurs during the tenancy.

Bees and wasps

The landlord is responsible if bees or wasps are present in a wall cavity or similar, or if they are present at the start of the tenancy. The tenant is responsible if bees and wasps appear during the tenancy.


The landlord is required to remove any birds present in the roof area and to seal off any entry points.

Cockroaches, fleas and spiders

The landlord is responsible for any infestation of cockroaches, spiders or fleas if they are present at the start of the tenancy. The tenant is responsible if cockroaches, fleas or spiders appear during the tenancy.

Mice and rats

The landlord is responsible if mice or rats are present at the start of the tenancy. The tenant is responsible If mice and rats appear during the tenancy.


The landlord is required to arrange for removal and relocation of any possums inside the premises and to remove and seal off any entry points.


The landlord is responsible for snakes if they are present at the start of the tenancy, or if their presence was caused by the landlord breaching the conditions of the agreement, such as by leaving piles of rubbish in garden. The tenant is responsible if snakes are present during the tenancy.

Termites/white ants

The landlord is responsible for termites and white ants at the start of, and throughout the tenancy.

How to protect yourself and your rights

As part of the landlord’s general obligations, residential premises must be provided in a reasonable state of cleanliness and fit for habitation by the tenant.

For tenants this means it is very important when you first see a property to look for signs of pests such as droppings in cupboards and on floors.

You should also check if the previous tenants owned cats or dogs, as fleas could be breeding in the carpet and may not appear for a couple of months. Note what you see in the condition report as evidence to avoid any disagreements later.

Specific pest control lease clauses

Tenants may wish to negotiate with the landlord for the property to undergo a pest control service before or within the first weeks of their tenancy if any evidence of pests arises, and may wish to have this written into the rental agreement under the special conditions section of the agreement.

What to do if you find pests in your rental property

If you do not discover the pests until after you move in, then contact the landlord or managing agent immediately by phone.

It is also a good idea to notify the landlord in writing and attach a copy of the letter to your condition report. Request that the landlord takes steps to eradicate the pests immediately, including a pest control service if necessary.

The sooner you contact the landlord with the problem, the less chance they have to claim that the infestation is a result of your tenancy.

Disputes about pest control in rental properties

If the tenant and landlord can’t agree on who is responsible for pest eradication, you may wish to seek further advice from the office of Fair Trading in your state. They provide a free dispute resolution service to help you negotiate an agreement. If necessary, a Fair-Trading officer may arrange to visit the property and conduct the service onsite.

DISCLAIMER: These resources are provided as a guide only. No matter what type of pest you encounter, it is wise to seek professional guidance when dealing with a creepy crawly in or around your home. Never take chances with your safety and never handle or disturb insects, spiders or snakes, whether you think they may be dangerous or not.

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