Residential Termite (White Ants) Control

Does your home or strata premises in North Western Sydney require safe, effective and environmentally sound pest control treatment for Termites (White Ants)?

Perhaps you just don’t know when (if ever) your home or strata premises has been checked and inspected for Termites, and you’d like peace of mind that your property is safe from damage?

EVO Pest Control, Sydney, provides complete Termite inspection, treatment, elimination and prevention services for your home.

Also known as White Ants, Termites are able to wreak destruction on homes and buildings, degrading structural integrity and causing enormous amounts of damage.

Termite activity in a home or building can often go undetected until a significant amount of damage has occurred, and as most insurance premiums do not cover damage from Termites, costly repair bills can leave property owners thousands of dollars in debt.

With an independent study by the University of Western Sydney of domestic housing (in Western Sydney, Southern Sydney, Northern Sydney, the North Shore and the Inner West) showing that 12 per cent (pc) of timber-framed buildings have signs of Termite attack, complacency is just not an option.

Alarmingly, the same research showed at 47pc of home owners do not check their home for Termites, and only 18pc have regular professional inspections.

There are about 300-350 species of Termites in Australia, although only a fraction of these are considered pest species able to cause property damage. Termites feed on a range of materials, including timber, live and dead trees, plant debris, grass, roots and some dry grains. Termites have also been known to attack buried and electrical cables and plastic water pipes.

The major species of Termites that cause damage in Australia are the Drywood Termite, the Dampwood Termite and the Subterranean Termite.

Subterranean Termites represent the biggest threat to homes and buildings. They build their nests above ground but may also establish colonies underground. This variety of Termite attacks building timbers, poles and posts, and hollow out timbers from within, causing vast structural damage to buildings.


Dampwood Termites prefer wood damp and decaying. They are generally found in decaying timber in wet areas of homes and buildings (such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries).


Drywood Termites attack dry and sound timber. There are a number of Drywood Termite species indigenous to Australia, however many have been inadvertently imported with timber products.


How can I tell if there are Termites active in and around my home?

By the time Termites are detected, the infestation is usually quite severe. There are often no visible signs of Termites infestation, however, occasionally a slight discolouration of a wall or exterior surface can be an early sign.

Warping timbers may also indicate termites within, as can Termite droppings forming small piles at the base of walls or structures. ‘Tunnels’ visible on external timber and timbers that sound hollow when tapped or appear ‘papery’ can also be signs.

What can I do to prevent Termites from infesting my home?

To minimise the risk of termite attack:

  • Do not store timber, plant clippings, firewood, or other organic material near or against buildings.
  • Do not allow garden beds or other landscaping to cover the weep holes in your building.
  • Ensure that ant caps are in place.
  • Do not construct garden beds or walls from untreated timbers.
  • Ensure that your building has adequate and unobstructed damp proof courses.
  • Regularly visually inspect the perimeter of the building to check for any build-up of green waste or other organic material.
  • Have annual inspections carried out by a licensed pest controller.

At EVO Pest Control, we don’t just treat Termites in and around your home – we manage the entire Termite elimination and control process by:

Determining the cause of the problem – using our knowledge of Termite habits/lifecycle combined with the best technology available, we don’t just treat the Termite infestation, we get to the source of the problem by inspecting your premises to find the nest or nests and determining the most effective and complete method of elimination.

Treating existing pests – we eliminate the present Termites infestation in a safe, timely and minimally invasive way.

Removing any biological or pathological contaminants – we don’t just eliminate the Termites, we also ensure that any contaminants they leave behind, such as droppings and dead insects, are safely and thoroughly removed from your home.

Actively preventing re-infestation – we work with you to reduce or eliminate the chances of Termite re-infestation, by using a combination of practical measures (such as identifying hazards such as blocked weep holes and on-ground timber) and an ongoing maintenance program tailored to your individual needs.

EVO Pest Control’s complete Termite protection package offers an individually tailored service to keep your home Termite-free. Our industry-leading treatment program allows homeowners to ‘set and forget’, safe in the knowledge that their biggest asset is free from the threat of Termite infestation.

At EVO Pest Control, we believe that homeowners have the right to safe, highly effective pest control methods that are as sustainable as they are effective. Our treatments for your home are certified by the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association, and we abide by their strict code of practice without exception.

At EVO Pest Control, we’re different.

Pest control: Sydney pest control company, EVO pest control sydney provide residential pest control, commercial pest control, industrial pest control, strata pest control, and termite management in Sydney, north western sydney and surrounding suburbs. Call EVO Pest Control Sydney for residential, commercial, termite and aged care hospital pest control services Sydney.

Evolved – We are committed to best practice and to the continual advancement of our knowledge and methods.

Safe – Our unique business model is a harmonious meeting of expertise and ecology.

Environment – Our clean and green ethos provides sound, sustainable and ongoing solutions.

Homeowners are invited to contact EVO Pest Control for an obligation-free discussion and assessment under our simple ‘set and forget’ Termite management service – a budget friendly and highly effective system that not only eliminates current Termite infestations, but also minimises the likelihood of any further infestation. Our regular service ensures that factors for re-infestation are minimised, and that any new outbreaks are dealt with in a timely manner before they have a chance to take hold.

If you find – or suspect – Termite activity in or around your home, it is vital to act immediately to minimise damage, remove the infestation and prevent further infestations from occurring. Contact EVO Pest Control for a fast, efficient and ongoing solution to Termite colonisation and/or prevention.

Not only is it vital to act quickly, it is also important to ensure you get the best and most effective service using the safest and most ecologically sound solution.

Contact EVO Pest Control now for a fast, professional, safe and environmentally responsible termite management solution.

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